Our code and characteristics

As a part of Bridgestone Asia Pacific, Bridgestone India echoes the group belief in nurturing its employees and providing significant global opportunities. To meet our growth requirements and enhance our team significantly, we continuously require competent professional with proven track record for placement across our plants within and outside India.

As an equal opportunity employer, we offer attractive remuneration, stimulating work environment and excellent career growth opportunities.


• To develop and retain the best trained competent, highly motivated and loyal work force.
• To create an environment of mutual trust to develop harmonious industrial relations.
• To develop and propagate the best aspects of Japanese and Indian culture.


• Bridgestone quality is proven worldwide - Bridgestone emphasis and replicates the qualities that of our Parent, Bridgestone Corporation, Japan. It maintains the highest quality to live unto the motto of "serving the society with products of superior quality". In order to achieve these parameters Bridgestone India has set up a quality assurance system of 5M's + E i.e.  to elaborate

  M= Material, 
  M= Machinery, 
  M= Methods, 
  M= Manpower, 
  M= Management 
  E= Environment.

• Bridgestone has also introduced 4 sigma Total Quality Management system (TQM) , a highly efficient quality control system to ensure total quality control in production processes.The management ensures the introduction of various policies that are safe and eco-friendly, to assist the implementation of ISO-14000 norms of quality.

• Bridgestone India also employed Japanese principles like KAIZEN and 5S Program very effectively.

• Bridgestone India holds the Safety of Employees as Prime Importance.

   It believes in... 'KYO MO ICHI NICHI ANZEN DE'  Translated as: 'TODAY IS ALSO ONE DAY OF SAFETY.'

• Bridgestone India has installed SAP that integrates, coordinates and facilitates the entire organization.

• Bridgestone India benefits from the best of the two worlds culture as it has Japanese Executives working at Bridgestone India.

• Bridgestone's work culture is an alive example of best of the two worlds. A number of Japanese work at Bridgestone India.

• Bridgestone India is proud of its Competent work force.

• We offer an Excellent milieu and working conditions for all our employees.

• We ensure to have an excellent employee engagements facilities for intra-communications.