"I purchased my Mahindra XUV 500 with Bridgestone tyres in it. I drived 125000 KMS with the same and enjoyed driving. I again took 4 tyres changed with the same Bridgestone tyres. Congratulations and all the best for the future."
Dr. Vinay Godara

"Before Thanking You, Let Me First Introduce Myself, I Am Mr. Sarayu Nambiar From Kannur District Of Kerala State. My Father Bought His Second Car From Maruthi- Zen Estilo From Kvr Motors In The Year 2008 and The Tyre Provided Along With The Vehicle Is Manufactured By Your Company BridgeStone India. Between this period Two More Cars Came To Our Family. Couple Of Days Before I Had My First Breakdown due To A Collision Because Of Bad Road Condition And The Mechanic Came To Notice That The Year Of Manufacturing Of The Tyres Is 2008 And It Is Still In Good Running Condition after Covering 73000+ Kilometers! This Is My First Experience And I Never Heard Of Using Tyres For Such A Long Period. I Am Planning To Switch Over All My Vehicles With Your Wonderful Product. I Would Like To Express My Sincere Thanks To BridgeStone Tyre Manufactures India For Providing Such Good Quality Product In This Emerging Market."

Sarayu Nambiar

"I am using Scorpio vehicle with Bridgestone tyres and gives us and ran by 1,03,750KM. So I am very happy with Bridgestone tyres."
Dilip Reddy

"This is to certify that I am a regular user of Bridgestone product and presently using Bridgestone product Ecopia EP 150 in my vehicle from last few months. This product recommended to me by dealer M/s Rubber Rings. I am highy satisfied with the performance of tire shown up till now. Till now it has covered 99062 Km with 13% tread depth remaining. I am thankful to bridgestone dealer for suggesting me this new pattern which had further increase my trust in products of Bridgestone."
Om Singh

"Mileage of the product is very good till now; my vehicle covers 55,712 after fitted this tyres & 50% RTD is available. Braking, Rolling and Steering Control is Much Better in Ecopia."
Mohd. Jakeer Hussain

"An Excellent Increased Mileage of 13.5-14 kms/Lt while running on Ecopia 850, Steering Response and Braking is also Good. I am having Six Scorpio’s in our company, but none of them gives more than 11.5-12 KM/Litre mileage."
N J Malek

"I am a passionate driver and keep burning my tyres on all Indian roads with my Toyota Corolla Altis. I am an ardent fan of Bridgestone and have been using them as replacement tyres for ever since I started driving 25 years ago – be it on my first Maruti 800, followed by Zen, Ford Ikon and Altis! On learning about Ecopia and the benefits of fuel efficiency it offers, I fitted a set of 4 tyres @ Hitec Tyres, Powai three years ago (195 / 65 R 15). I am mightily impressed with the ride quality and the improvement in efficiency it provided. I would attribute an improvement of about 0.5 to 0.7 kmpl of petrol. I did feel a difference in drive quality – the tyres seem soft and the feedback to steering is less. I have clocked 41,000 kms on this replacement tyres and was scouting for Ecopia tyres in the market. I was disappointed to note that Bridgestone has discontinued these tyres (this particular size)and I was recommended Toureg - Wonder why?! After 41,000 kms, the rear tyres are still in good shape with tread depth of over 3 mm !! I am attaching the selfie with my favorite Ecopia!"
Prashant Achar

"Here i am sharing a wonderful experience with Bridgestone tyres never before like this, i brought Maruti Suzuki Ritz car in Feb-2013. and now my car cross 100,000 KM with same tyres and still continue..."
Ajit Yadav

"I had purchased INNOVA vehicle in August, 2009 with OEM tyres from Bridgestone. The vehicle has run almost 96000 kms & the two of the 5 original tyres are still running. One tyre was replaced by me about 20 days ago, by another Bridgestone tyre, after running about 95000 kms. This is a tremendous performance by any count for the tyre given the fact that the life of tyre is about 60000 kms. The dealer from whom I purchased the new tyre recently commended the performance. I am writing to you as this is a proud moment for the company as much as to the customer. It is a delight for the customer like me to have such a dependable tyre, as our life depends on the tyre when we sit in the vehicle. Kudos to Bridgestone! I am a fan, permanent customer & Brand Ambassador of Bridgestone now."
Patil D. S.

"I had purchased a set of Turanza tyres for my car, and as a mark of appreciation for the wonderful service they have been giving me so far, I wish to get some stickers which I can put up on my car. Where and how can I get them?"
Rupam Gupta
New Delhi