"I have got my first set of Bridgestone tyres factory fitted along with my Tata Indigo LX in Jan 2004. Since then they have travelled more than 50,000 KM without any single incidence of any issue related to the tyres (except for 3 punctures which were detected during night time when the vehicle standing still). I never had to stop on the road for changing tyres during last almost 9 years. Thank you very much for your excellent product quality. Today again I have put my faith in your tyres and replaced them with new set of Bridgestone tyres. Congratulations to your R & D, production and quality control teams for this commendable work of producing excellent tyres. Please keep up this quality production work. Thanking you once again."
Chandrashekhar S. Joshi 
Thane(W) - Maharashtra

"I have a set of bridgestone tyres on my tata indigo that has run 1,11,000 kms. and going on. Of course, the tyres are balding but they have served well." 
Bangalore ,Karnataka

"My Scorpio is now 7 years old and has done almost 81,000 kms. The car came with Bridgestone Dueler H/T 689 tyres and the car is running with the same tyres. I expect another 10,000 kms from these tyres. You guys really make wonderful and long lasting tyres. Really appreciate your technology and efforts in making such Top in class tyres. I would go for the same tyres when i have to replace the old ones." 
Pawan Gosain 

"I have been using Bridgestone tyres in my Toyota Innova car and it has done 76000+ km (5Years) and still running. Very happy and will replace with Bridgestone tyers only. Keep up the good quality."

"I am using ur company tyre for my new tata indigo manja car since may 2010. Till now i have run aprox. one lac km, till now i have changed only two tyre . That too at 75000 km. its appreciation for tyres as well as for me to run the car. Hope u will appreciate me for this. Thx."
Jai Gopal Goel 
Panchkula, Haryana

"I am an owner of Tata indigo manza car purchased on april 2010 on which tyre of brdigestone co are fitted. I have completed 81000kms of running on the factory fitted tyres and still those tyres are in very good condition. I want to appreciate the quality of tyres."
Dhananjay Gandhi 
Nagpur, Maharashtra

"I have purchased alto car on 14-08-2009,fitted with s 248 bridgestone tyres,current km reading is 50331.My mechanic telling that normal tyre km., is 35000 to 40000km.,how your 4 tyres (step in tyre little worn out) still threads not worn out even after running 50331km., later i contacted m/s rohith care, tyre dealer, mangalore, he also astonished and told me another 10000km easily you can run with these 4 tyres."
Jagadish Kumar 
Mangalore, Karnataka

"I had purchased my Wagon R on April-2008 and I have used this car 121000 KM with same original bridgestone tyres, still tyres are not bald should I continue these tyres or change it?" 
Delhi, INDIA

"I bought a Ford Fusion 2009 and got the Bridgestone tyres as the OE Fitment. Truly Bridgestone tyres rubber quality is the best in the Indian Market. My vehicle has done 65000 and the tyres still want to go more 10-15 k. The ride quality is amazing. Kudos and thanks to Bridgestone for providing the world best of their research and innovation technologies in India also. I have become a DIE HARD fan and of course a Brand loyal customer of Bridgestone and strongly recommend it to my friends & colleagues. Keep the Passion up !!!"
Bikram Dutta 
Delhi, INDIA

"I Mr Toresh Vaswani I one a Tata Manza(MH 46 N 100) I bought my car in April 2011 I appreciated the quality of tyre you provide I have almost crossed 46,000km and its still in an condition to run for another 5000km . It gives me great pleasure to be associated with such a brand it feels great to use such a product and will surely love to continue this association ..... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK."
Toresh Vaswani 
Thane, Maharashtra