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WHY BRIDGESTONE - Quality personified

'Why Bridgestone' is a question which has ceased existing with our growth as the tyre giant. It has taken the form of 'Why not Bridgestone' thus displaying the trust and confidence our customers have in us.

The tag of being the 'world’s largest tyre and rubber company' has definitely given us the edge over our competitors and has exemplified the quality of our products. We are a global company with more than 80 years of experience and have reigned supreme in the world-wide market.

Technology - a tool of utmost importance has helped us to improve our products and services. We are an obvious choice of major car manufacturers & for critical tasks as well; as the major Aircraft manufacturers trust our tyres for their aero planes.

Continuing exemplary quality in our products, we have reached a stage where the world agrees when we say 'Why not Bridgestone'.

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