Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology Tyres

Bridgestone run-flat tyres are designed to take a puncture and keep you moving so you can get to a safer place.


Bridgestone run-flat technology tyres keep you moving. These tyres provide peace of mind, allowing you to drive up to 80 kilometres at up to 80km/h miles after a puncture to reach a safe place to stop. Using strong self-supporting sidewalls, Bridgestone has engineered these tyres to continue carrying the weight of the vehicle after complete pressure loss.*

*Reparability of run flat tiyes depends on the tiye damage, amount of pressure loss, and vehicle operating conditions. Contact an authorised Bridgestone dealer for details.

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Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology

Don’t let a flat tyre leave you stranded. The innovative Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology is a tyre engineered to go up to 80 kilometres to a safe place after a flat. It is designed to give passenger car drivers a peace of mind.

Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology
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RE050 Run-Flat Technology

RFT tyres are specially constructed so that even without air it can still maintan its shape and strength to support the weight of the vehicle, therefore continuing to work safely

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