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Passenger Car Tyres

Bridgestone offers a wide range of car and SUV tires designed to cater to diverse consumer needs, including comfort, performance, durability, fuel efficiency, and versatility for both on-road and off-road applications.​

Truck & Bus Tyres

Bridgestone India provides a wide range of commercial tyres solutions. Our truck and bus radial tyres are designed with latest technology which can help lowering fleet operating expenses. ​

Off the Road Tyres​

Bridgestone's premium range of commercial and industrial tyres for all types of terrain and vehicles​

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Tailored for those seeking unparalleled comfort paired with a premium driving experience, the Bridgestone Turanza 6i is the quintessential choice.

This tyre ensures a smooth journey, marked by quietude that transcends the ordinary, all the while promising enduring performance. Turanza 6i caters to all Premium Vehicles covering SUVs, CUVs, Sedans and Hatchbacks and is available in 36 SKUs ranging from 14 inches to 20 inches.

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For those who demand control and performance whatever the terrain, the new Bridgestone Dueler All Terrain A/T002 tyre makes an on-road and off-road statement with its versatile tyre pattern and excellent wet and dry grip while providing superior wear life.

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Bridgestone Sturdo- An ideal solution for Indian roads! Sturdo’s special tread compound with strong​

reinforcement gives upto 29% longer tyre life. Perfect for Hatchbacks, Sedans and certain CUVs, Sturdo​

offers superior grip and excellent safety with large center-blocks and 3D tread grooves, even on the​

wettest roads. Choose Sturdo for a comfortable, enjoyable and safe driving experience.​


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The Advantages of Tubeless tyres over Tubetype Tyres.

In recent years, tubeless tyres have become increasingly popular among car owners due to the safety and efficiency advantages they offer over their tube-type counterparts.