Everyone likes to believe that they are well-informed before making a tyre buying decision. They consider this as an area where they can save money. But if you really want to know what is right and what isn’t, continue reading the pros and cons of buying used car tyres. What are the factors that you should keep in mind while deciding between used tyres and new ones? And in the long run, is it truly a cheaper option? 




Affordable - 


Well, it is quite clear that some people (especially taxi drivers) purchase used tyres because they are cheap. Sellers offer large discounts for used tyres, more often half the price or at least less than the cost for a newer pair. 

While this certainly sounds like a major perk of opting for a used tyre, but does it outweigh the risks? Let’s understand the cons simultaneously and evaluate whether it is worth buying used tyres. 




Safety Risk - 


Though, you should consider several factors before any kind of tyre and specially used tyres. The first one is always safety. Purchasing a used tyre is risky as you never know the tyre’s history. Maybe the tyre has been driven for too long while under-inflated or may have suffered impact damage from a pothole or curb. Tyres in such damaged conditions are at a greater risk of failure, so one needs to watch out.


For evaluating the condition of used tyres, close inspection from the outside and inside is necessary. While inspecting the tyres from the outside, you should look for the remaining depth, any signs of damage and repair signs as well as a ‘wrinkle.’ This signifies that the tyres were run in flat condition and may have suffered internal damage which got reflected after running for a while.



Wrinkle marks on the inside of the tyre sidewall indicate that the tyre was run in flat condition without any such indications from the outside.


Keep your eyes open for scams like ‘regroove,’ where the tyres look new with enough tread. Regrooving is the process of cutting rubber from the worn tyre to make the tread deeper so that it looks like new. Remember, the regrooving of a car tyre makes the tread area weaker and susceptible to damage, even with a slight impact. Usually, sellers use boot polish and other chemicals to make the tyre colour black and hide the crack marks. It is difficult to judge these scams on tyres, even for an expert.


There is risk involved while going for a used tyre unless you know the tyres well and can differentiate between a regrooved or reconditioned tyre. It is worth mentioning that tyres are considered a safety component worldwide. In India, it is mandatory to have an ISI mark on the sidewall of a car tyre. In short, it's better not to take a risk with tyres to save costs. 


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