Purchasing a car tyre should be a confident decision, not an indecisive one. Therefore, we have put together a car tyre buying guide to make your car tyre purchase seamless and hassle-free. 


Most of the people get confused about the tyre size and pattern type while purchasing a tyre. They are often unaware of the fact that tyres are the most crucial part of their vehicle, as these four contact patches- grip, handling, ride quality, and braking performance, make a huge difference!


Starting from the brand, size, to tread design, every aspect helps you understand the expected performance of tyres and the driving performance of a vehicle.


Let us walk you through a few specifications of tyres to help you make a better decision.


● Tyre Size- The first step in purchasing new car tyres is determining the proper tyre size. This is to ensure overall safety and the best performance for your vehicle. 


Each vehicle model is fitted with a different tyre size based on the vehicle specification. Now, let’s understand the tyre size-


 215/55R17 94V



The number “215” represents the section width of the tyre, measured from sidewall to sidewall under inflated conditions. In this example, 215 is in millimetres. 


The next numeric marking represents the aspect ratio of the tyre. 


An aspect ratio is a proportional relationship between section height and section width. 


Here the aspect ratio is 55.


R stands for Radial, which means plies arranged in the radial direction. Due to the construction, radial tyres are more efficient, safer, and comfortable.


The number “17” denotes the diameter of the rim expressed in inches on which your tyres will be fitted.


The number “94” stands for load index which indicates the load-carrying capacity of the tyre. Load index is universal which means it is the same irrespective of the brand or country of origin.


The letter V is the speed symbol which indicates the maximum speed capability of the tyre at which the tyre can safely run under normal load. The speed symbol is also universal.


 Tread Pattern- A tyre’s tread design consists of five basic elements- blocks, ribs, grooves, sipes, and cross slots. According to the fundamental tread elements, tyres can have different tread designs for multiple purposes.


A) Standard- The outer and inner halves of the treads emerging from the centre of the contact surface of the tyre are identical. These tyres can be put onto the wheel rim by flipping or rotating in any direction without affecting their performance.



B) Asymmetric- The inner and outer halves of the tread have different channels and blocks to offer better channelling and enhanced grip. However, to get the best performance, one must ensure that during the fitment process, the sidewall with the specific “Outside” marking is placed on the outside of the vehicle.



C) Directional- These tyres are designed to roll only in one direction and should be fitted onto the rim in the direction shown with an arrow on the sidewall. A V-shaped tread design on these tyres helps to channel out water, and such tyres are great for wet or winter conditions. 


Note: During the fitment process, the tyre rotation mark should be in the direction of rotation only.



While the above described the basic tread patterns, modern-day tyres now utilize a complex mix of various rubber compounds. They are complemented by different tread designs and used in various conditions to offer the best performance. It also helps in retrieving better fuel economy from your vehicle.


When it comes to quality, performance, comfort, and fuel-saving tyres, the Bridgestone tyre offers a wide range of tyre patterns for the best performance for your car. Check out the series – 


● B & S series - All-round performance and longer tyre life.


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● Turanza series- For the most luxurious, quiet & comfortable ride.


● Potenza series- For the ultimate sporty performance.


SUV Tyres-

● Dueler series- For the ultimate SUV experience.


● Alenza series- Dynamism & luxury for premium SUV.


Adequate knowledge and proper planning will help you choose a car tyre that is compatible with your car. As the tyres directly impact your car’s performance on the road, selecting the right ones is a crucial decision. We hope that the above tyre buying guide will accelerate and steer you towards buying the best tyre for your car.